Giving the Facts and Removing the Myths

You Can Go Your Own Way

In my previous blog about AIDS I spoke on the removal of stigma that society has for those with HIV and AIDS. One of the ways I said would be best was to bring awareness to the subject and ensure people are fully knowledgeable of the topic, understanding where they were wrong. For this post I am going to tell you all the facts of HIV and AIDS.



  • HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection.
  • AIDS: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

The HIV virus attacks the immune system (the body’s defence against disease) when contracted into the human body. AIDS causes the immune system to weaken so the body can’t fight off diseases. AIDS is a progression of HIV, mainly when HIV goes untreated for some time. Due to effective treatments, most people living with HIV in the UK will not go on to develop AIDS. Anyone can potentially contract HIV, if…

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HIV Still Exists!

The Dontá Show (blog)


As an HIV educator I come in contact with various lifestyles and circumstances that place people at risk for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Throughout the years I’ve met a significant amount of teenagers who are uneducated about risk-factors for HIV transmission and engaging in high-risk behavior. This find has nothing to do with sexual orientation or socio-economic status, but more about a simple lack of knowledge regarding basic modes of prevention. What also remains is a deep-rooted stigma about HIV and a fear of being ostracized if they test positive. That being said, it’s obvious that shame and fear play a huge part in how young people deal with the topic of HIV and sex.

I recall a few years ago while providing HIV testing, a young couple came in to do the right thing and find out their status. I was elated to see them taking a…

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My Boundless Thoughts

Disclaimer: The below listed incident is not fictional. It is completely real. 100% accurate. This in itself should be shameful, disgraceful and appalling for everyone.


Staring at the blank ceiling above, an ingenuous eight year old boy struggles to count his breaths.

1…. 2…. 3….

“His condition is getting critical. I can’t guarantee the days he’ll survive.”

His mind kept on wandering to those lines the doctor told his grandmother earlier that day. He was fake sleeping to avoid seeing the stress lines on his grandmother’s wrinkled, yet pretty face.

 His little mind didn’t realize the gravity of the lines, still it kept on echoing inside his brain.

“When will the pain end Nanu? I can barely feel my body.” He had asked his grandmother minutes ago.

“Very soon bacchhe. Very soon. And there’s a big surprise after it. Want to know? You’ll get to meet your Dada and…

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Soy Sauce May Hold Secret Ingredient In Treatment Of HIV/AIDS

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Soy sauce may hold the secret ingredient in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Virologists at the University of Missouri recently confirmed a 2001 finding that a flavor-enhancing molecule in the sauce could potentially be used to treat HIV.

The molecule, EFdA, belongs to a family of compounds that help prevent the virus from replicating.

Scientists have shown the molecule can help develop compounds that are 70 times more potent than Tenofovir, a first-line HIV drug threrapy.

“Patients who are treated for HIV infections with Tenofovir, eventually develop resistance to the drugs that prevent an effective or successful defense against the virus,” Stefan Sarafianos, associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine told Business Standard.

A Japanese soy sauce company inadvertently discovered the molecule while trying to enhance the flavor of their product. That flavor enhancer is part of a family of compounds called nucleoside analogues, which…

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